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Aerial Silks Summer Workshop

What could be more fun than dancing in the air with a beautiful silk? Join coach Miranda as she teaches the basics with progressions of the aerial silk. (Adult class available too). Please bring water.


  • Girls: A leotard and leggings, bare feet
  • Boys: Comfortable clothing with a shirt that can be tucked in, bare feet
  • Leotards and more available at Kinetics Fairy Cottage boutique.

Instructor: Kinetics Academy of Dance
Location: 627 Broadway St. Suite 100, Downtown Chico

There is an $18.00 annual registration fee applied for each student once a year through Kinetics Academy of Dance. This fee is not included in your CARD registration.

Age: 6-17 years old
Fee: $100

Course #14108
Sat | 6/6 - 8/10 | 4:00 - 5:00 PM Register Online