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1st-3rd Basketball Leagues

Registration availability in all leagues is limited based on the number of staff/volunteers that are available and facility space. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

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A special league designed just for your elementary basketball player! This 6-game league will feature one practice a week (day and time based on gym availability) and one game on Saturdays. All teams are guaranteed to have at least one hour of indoor practice space per week.  No score or standings are kept facilitating a fun, non-competitive environment that uses basketball to promote health, confidence, teamwork, leadership, and integrity. General youth sports jerseys are mandatory and can be purchased at the CARD Office for $17.  

Registration Information 

Final Registration Deadline: 10/14/24 ($101)

Boys Leagues

1st Grade BOYS Register online

2nd Grade BOYS Register online

3rd Grade BOYS Register online

Girls Leagues

1st Grade GIRLS Register online

2nd Grade GIRLS Register online

3rd Grade GIRLS Register online

General Information 

For more information on all CARD Youth Sports leagues, visit us at: 

Updates: Players will be emailed their team information (from an address) by 10/25/24. 

Practice: Please review the assigned practice days and time frames below. Locations & times may fluctuate based on gym availability. Practices start the week of October 28. Each team will have one 1-hour practice per week. Times will vary between 3:30-8:30PM. No practices the week of 11/25-11/29. Practice requests are not available. 

  • 1st Grade Leagues: Practice on Thursdays or Fridays  
  • 2nd Grade Leagues: Practice on Wednesdays or Thursdays  
  • 3rd Grade League: Practice on Mondays or Tuesdays or Wednesdays  

Games: Saturdays, 11/2-12/14 depending on gym space (no games 11/30, 6-game guarantee per team). Each game is approximately one hour long. All game days are tentative and are subject to change.   

Teamsidline App: Download the Teamsideline app to access your team’s practice & game schedule, and to communicate with your coach! App information will be made live for each team the Friday before practices start. 

Uniforms: Players are required to wear a CARD General Youth Sports jersey (available at the CARD office to purchase for $17), athletic clothing, and athletic shoes for all practices and games.   

Coaches: Coaches in the 1st-3rd grade leagues will be CARD volunteers.   

Locations: Practice and game locations are dependent on gym availability. Locations may vary by week.   

Special Requests: One buddy request can be made during the registration process Coach or practice time requests are not accepted. Please read the buddy request process closely to ensure it is valid. Buddies must request each other to be valid.   The process can be found at: 

Team Formation: Teams will be loosely based on grade and where players attend school. Genders will be in separate divisions. Grades will be combined if there are not enough players in a specific grade to run a league on its own (for example: 1st/2nd may combine into one league if necessary) All team formation is at the discretion of CARD staff.  

  • Skills Evaluations:  CARD will contact participants for a mandatory skills evaluation if needed. Skills evaluations will not be necessary for all schools.