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Park Improvement Projects

Take a look at some of the park improvement projects CARD has underway or slated to begin in the near future. This page will be updated periodically with new upcoming projects or during the passage of milestones in larger-scale projects. 

Chico Aquatic Park

Estimated Completion Fall 2026

May contain: pool, water, swimming pool, outdoors, architecture, building, and amusement park
Render of the future Chico Aquatic Park

Project Details: Welcome to a glimpse of the future - the CARD Aquatics & Recreation Center! In collaboration with leading innovators such as Confluence, Water Technologies, Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture, Rolls Anderson and Rolls, and Ballard*King & Associates, this cutting-edge facility is set to revolutionize aquatics and recreation in Chico. 

The CARD Aquatics & Recreation Center is slated for its grand opening in the fall of 2025, promising a new era of recreational excellence.

Stay tuned for updates, sneak peeks, and an exclusive look into the journey of bringing this architectural marvel to life. Follow CARD on Facebook and Instagram and be part of this exciting venture into the future of aquatics and recreation.


DeGarmo Park Improvements

Estimated Completion:

Additional fields: To Be Determined
Golf Project: Spring 2025

Project Details: Join us in envisioning a vibrant future for DeGarmo Park! We are excited to announce our grant-seeking initiative to enhance DeGarmo Park with additional turf soccer fields and a state-of-the-art golf course, in collaboration with Beyond Golf.

These enhancements will complement the park's existing amenities, offering new recreational opportunities for our community. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on this exciting project!


Completed Projects


Chapman Park Renovation (Proposition 68 Grant)

Complete: Winter 2023

The $2.9 Million in grant funding is a transformative investment in the Chapman neighborhood. The grant will allow for the construction of a new splash pad water recreation and play area, a walking path with lighting, fencing, and restrooms for enhanced recreational opportunities in the Chapman community. 

Project Details: In December 2021, The Chapman Park Renovation project was one of 62 selected projects throughout the state of California for the renovation and expansion of existing park space. 

The $2.9 Million in grant funding is a transformative investment in the Chapman neighborhood. The grant will allow for the construction of a new splash pad water recreation and play area, a walking path with lighting, fencing, and restrooms for enhanced recreational opportunities in the Chapman community. 

Awarded through State Parks’ Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalization Program, the competitive grant program creates new parks and new recreation opportunities in underserved communities across California.



Hooker Oak Play Structure

Completed Fall 2023

Replacing the aging play structure at Hooker Oak. The new play structure will feature new slide styles, nature themed climbing apparatuses, one rope climbing apparatuses, a frog rope climber, and additional swings.  Additional features will include a merry-go-round, and additional ADA access. 

Peterson Park Play Structure

Completed Fall 2023

Project Details: Replacing the aging play structure at Peterson Park. The new play structure will feature Features three slide styles, three ladder climbing apparatuses, two rope climbing apparatuses, and a natural-style bridge to cross between towers. Additional features will include a rope merry-go-round, and butterfly-shaped climbing net. 

Community Park Bocce Court Installation

Completed Fall 2023

Project Details: A brand new state-of-the-art four-court bocce ball complex is scheduled to be installed on the southwest end of Community Park, adjacent to Chapman Elementary School. The courts will include a covered facility, new lighting, landscaping, and is a welcome addition to an already beautiful park!

Comprehensive Tree Inventory

Completed December 2022

Project Details: Perform a comprehensive tree inventory to collect and verify accurate information on the health and diversity of trees in CARD's facilities. Information such as how many trees there are, what their species is, and what their condition is, are gathered in order to prioritize tree maintenance needs throughout the district. 

Hooker Oak & Rotary Park Basketball Court Resurfacing

Completed February 2023

Project Details: Resurfacing the cracking asphalt basketball courts at Hooker Oak and Rotary parks with SportCourt, a tiled outdoor basketball court material that provides a safe, high-performance basketball surface that reduces shock, and delivers excellent traction and ball response.

Community Park Pickleball Court Installation

Completed March 2023

Project Details: Converting the two northeast most courts into 8 pickleball courts.

Hooker Oak & Rex Murphy Softball Field Lighting Upgrades

Completed January 2023

Project Details: Upgrades to lighting, structural, and electrical systems at Hooker Oak and Rex Murphy softball fields to deliver unparalleled illumination of play areas using LED and HID lighting, while cutting energy consumption and light spill for an environmentally efficient approach to lighting. 

Dorothy F. Johnson Center HVAC System Upgrade 

Completed October 2022

Project Details: The installation of a new heating and cooling system at the Dorothy F. Johnson Center is CARD's new approach to more efficient and sustainable heating and cooling! This new system will allow for year-round PLAY at the gymnasium inside the DFJ Center, even when the temperature rises above +100 degrees.

Wildwood Park Pump Track Renovation

Completed October 2022

Project Details: CARD and some wonderful, dedicated members of the community at Silver Dollar BMX, with assistance from Chico Velo and the Active 20-30 Club of Chico, revitalized the Wildwood Park pump track! Loose dirt was used to reinforce the dirt mounds of the pump track for a smoother ride! 

Centennial Park Play Structure Installation

Completed May 2022

Project Details: Through a generous donation from the Chico Noon Rotary Club, a new play structure, the super NetPlex, was installed on the south end of the park, adjacent to the natural playground!

Pleasant Valley Pool Renovation

Completed May 2022

Project Details: A complete renovation of the Pleasant Valley Pool including resurfacing of the pool's floor and walls, installation of new lighting inside the pool for swimmer's safety, and a new heater to make the pool water temperature perfect year-round. 

Oak Way Park Play Structure Installation

Completed June 2022

Project Details: Through a generous grant from the California State Parks and Proposition 68, the Chico Area Recreation and Park District (CARD) has been provided funding for a new play structure at Oak Way Park. New features installed include the main play structure (pictured), sway benches and a traditional swing set!

Highway 99/Community Park Bike Path Extension (City of Chico project)

Completed Summer 2022

Project Details:The City of Chico, in coordination with CARD, will be connecting the bike path from the east side of Highway 99 to the west side via a highway underpass. In addition to connecting the two sides of the bike path, the path along the north side of Community Park will be re-paved and safety lighting installed.