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Field Conditions, Air Quality & Weather 

We will update one hour before programs are scheduled to start if changes are made.


  • Community Park: 
    • Booth/Mertz/Barile Softball infields OPEN
    •  CP1 and CP2 Softball Fields OPEN
    • Soccer/Lacrosse Fields OPEN
  • DeGarmo Park: 
    • All Softball Fields OPEN
    • All Soccer Fields OPEN
  • Hooker Oak Park: 
    • All Softball Fields OPEN
    • Baseball (Doryland) Field OPEN
  • Wildwood Park: 
    • Brooks Baseball Fields OPEN
    • Baseball Field 2 OPEN
    • All Soccer Fields OPEN
  • Sycamore Field: OPEN

Environmental conditions may impact programming. Please refer to the documents below to understand what conditions may affect regularly scheduled programs.

This page will be updated with any changes in the field and program status. Should there be inclement weather, air quality, or field condition concerns, please check this page one hour before your program is scheduled to start. If there are no updates, changes may still be made on-site, if necessary.

Heat Index & Air Quality District Policy