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Full Moon Night Hikes

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Full Moon Night Hikes

Come experience the light of the full moon! Join us for a hike in Upper Bidwell Park, as we explore nocturnal animals and some of their unique adaptations, learn about the phases of the moon, and soak in the beautiful evening sky. These hikes will meet at Upper Park designated parking area A off Wildwood Avenue and will be held on relatively flat terrain.
For the full experience, and the safety of wildlife, we ask you leave all pets and strollers at home. Hikes range from an hour to an hour and a half, with flexible end times. While all are welcome, these hikes are geared towards adults. Star Finder App and headlamps are recommended. 

Adult registration is mandatory and must accompany the child(ren) they register. 

📍Upper Park - will meet at Upper Park designated parking area A off Wildwood Avenue.
🤸‍♀️ 6+ Years Old 
⏰ Time Varies
💰 $10 per Adult, $5 per Child

Course #12377
Fri | 6/21 | 9:00 PM Adult Registration

Course #12383
Fri | 6/21 | 9:00 PM Child Registration

Course #12816
Sun | 7/21 | 9:00 PM Adult Registration

Course #12817
Sun | 7/21 | 9:00PM Child Registration

Course #13930
Mon | 8/19 | 8:30 PM Adult Registration

Course #13927
Mon | 8/19 | 8:30PM Child Registration

Course #13931
Tue | 9/17 | 8:00 PM Adult Registration

Course #13928
Tue | 9/17 | 8:00PM Child Registration

Course #13932
Thu | 10/17 | 7:00 PM Adult Registration

Course #13929
Thu | 10/17 | 7:00PM Child Registration