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Participant Expectations

Behavior Expectations

Below are the behavior expectations for all children. If behavior expectations are not being met, staff will use their best judgment when deciding what level of discipline is most appropriate for the circumstances.

  • Be Safe (includes staying with the group, keeping hands and feet to themselves) 
  • Be Respectful (includes listening and following directions, using appropriate language, being kind to others, using equipment properly)
  • Be Responsible (includes using the restroom independently/no bathroom accidents, keeping track of personal items, telling the truth)

CARD programs are committed to being safe and enjoyable places for all. Our programs maintain set ratios and are not designed for one on one care. Staff may choose to suspend or expel a child from the program for reoccurring behavioral concerns or for extreme situations.

CARD will not tolerate participants compromising the safety of themselves or others, causing or threatening physical injury to another person, bringing weapons or illegal contraband to the program, or vandalizing the program equipment or space. Any of these actions or other actions deemed dangerous, illegal, or harmful will result in immediate expulsion from the program.

Participant Readiness Quiz: 

Questions to consider before signing your child up for programs.  Our goal is for your child to be successful at the program.  If your answer is "NO" to one or more of these questions, your child may not be ready to attend on their own.  Feel free to contact a program Supervisor if you have questions.

  • Can they meet the Behavior Expectations?
  • Are they able to stay with the group and not run away when upset or overwhelmed?  Our programs maintain set ratios and are not designed for one on one care. 
  • Is your child overwhelmed with loud noises?  At times, programs can be loud.
  • Is your child comfortable when you are not present?
  • Does your child warm up to new situations where they do not know anyone?

Code of Conduct

To ensure the safety of all children and staff in our programs, individuals are responsible for adhering to program rules and policies whenever at the program. This includes use of appropriate language, a civil tone of voice, calm demeanor, respecting personal space, and maintaining professional boundaries. Any person who does not meet conduct expectations will be asked to leave the premises immediately and the participant may be removed from the program.