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The Chico Area Recreation and Park District (CARD) will be transitioningh their human resource and payroll systems to  Tyler Technologies', Inc.. We have been working hard to ensure that the transition to Tyler is as seamless as possible for our employees.

Employees will use the two systems below, Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Time & Attendance, to access their information and record their time. Please read both descriptions carefully and follow all instructions to get started:

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Employees use Employee Self Service (ESS) as their one-stop shop to easily monitor and maintain personal and employment information. Employees will use ESS to access the following:

  • View Personal Information, Tax Information, Direct Deposits
  • Submit Change Requests to Update  Personal Information, Tax Information, Direct Deposits
  • View & Print Paystubs, Pay History, and W-2
  • View/Download Employee Documents
  • Paycheck Calculator
  • And More!

ESS First-Time Login Credentials

  • Username: Employee First Initial + Last Name (Ex: Joan Smith = JSmith)
  • Password: #Last Name + Last 4 digits of SSN (Ex: Joan Smith = #Smith1234)
    • The password is case sensitive
      • Please note that the ESS password requires a minimum of 9 characters. If employee has a 3 lettered last name they will add the number 2 after the SSN. (Ex: #Fey00002)
      • If an employee has a two-letter last name, they will add the number 2 and another hashtag (Ex: #Ng00002#)

ESS User Guide

ESS User Guide

ESS Website


Time & Attendance

Employees use Time & Attendance (TAA) to clock in and out, maintain their personal timesheet, submit time off requests, and approve their timesheets. 

Supervisors will use Time & Attendance to manage employee timesheets, approve time off requests, and review employee-submitted information.

Time & Attendance First-Time Login Credentials

  • Username: First Initial + Full Last Name (Ex: Joan Smith = JSmith)
  • Password: Last Name Initial + Full First Name (Ex: Joan Smith = SJoan
    • The password is case-sensitive

Time & Attendance User Guides

Employee Time & Attendance User Guide

Time & Attendance Pilot Website


If you have trouble logging in to either of the systems, contact the HR Department at for assistance.