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Awesome P.E.P. Course: Successful Self-Publishing (Zoom)

Whether it’s fact, fiction, or a memoir, everyone has a story that others need to hear, and you can learn how to self-publish yours for free on Amazon.

Discover how to best publish for success by understanding the psychology of marketing through book titles, covers, descriptions, and pricing. Explore creative word-of-mouth marketing, social media presence, and more. Everyone has a story– let’s bring them yours by learning how to self-publish in one day.

Founder and Motivational Speaker Heidi Ann Ferguson is an Amazon Best-Selling author of psychological fiction. Her story, "Happy Power," is featured in the book How the Secret Changed My Life, a compilation of narratives in the worldwide bestseller, The Secret. 

Heidi specializes in delivering an inspiring presentation that motivates and energizes individuals and groups. She draws on personal experiences, anecdotes, and motivational principles to connect with her audience and encourage positive changes in mindset and behavior.

This course is Zoom only. Registration required. For more information on this course check the website: 

Instructor: Heidi Ferguson
Location: CARD Community Center 

Age: 18+
Fee: $45

Awesome P.E.P. Course: Successful Self-Publishing (Zoom)

Course #13812
Sat | 8/31 | 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM Register Online

Course #13813
Fri | 11/29 | 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM Register Online