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COVID-19 Sports Updates

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For general CARD Covid-19 updates, please visit:

CARD Youth & Adult Sports prioritizes our participants safety each day. We have a long list of updates that staff will be required to follow, including the below:

  • Overall reduced enrollment capacity to comply with CDC guidelines.
  • Reduced group sizes, and limited interactions between each group- including each group having their own equipment, and specific assigned coach (each group maintains "social distancing" between other groups)
  • Having parents/guardians drop off/pick up outside of program, in a specific area
  • Ensuring no participants has a fever/symptoms upon arrival each day
  • Having many, many "hand washing breaks," and antibacterial soap available in several locations
  • Cleaning of equipment between each group/day/week.

On 6/18/20, the California Governor mandated cloth face coverings when out in public. Because our programs are run in public areas, CARD’s plan to implement this mandate is as follows:

  • Participants will be required to provide their own mask for all CARD programs. Unfortunately because this is a state mandate by the Governor, no mask = no program.
  • If participants are engaged in low impact activities, we will ask children to wear a cloth face covering. 
  • If participants are indoors and inactive, we will ask children to wear a cloth face covering.
  • If participants are engaged in a physical sport such as running, swimming, or playing an outdoor active game, children will not need to wear a cloth face covering. 
  • Our staff will be wearing a cloth face covering at all times practical when interacting with participants.
  • If your child has a medical reason for not wearing a cloth face covering, please notify our staff. We are asking those attending program to provide a written note.  
  • Frequently Asked Questions:My child has asthma and we don't want them wearing a mask: Ashma is part of the medical exempltions of the mandate. Parents should write a note explaining the exemption, and we will add it to the participants file.It's supposed to be hot this week and I'm concerned about heat exshaustion: For sports programs, when engaged in physical activitiy, they do not have to wear a mask. Staff will provide consistent reminders to drink water and stay cool.

If this new mandate would be challenging for your child and you no longer wish to have them participate in camp, please contact the CARD main office at (530) 895-4711 or for a full refund.

This is a challenging time for our community and our country and  we are all adjusting to this rapidly changing environment. CARD will continue to monitor the situation and make necessary adjustments. Thank you for understanding!