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Our Time Together

This program has been suspended indefinitely due to COVID-19. We will update directly at should there be any changes.

Our Time Together

A Parent/Child experience for 18-35 Months Old

Our Time Together can be an exciting and fun opportunity for your child to improve current skills, learn new skills, make friends, and have fun. This is also an opportunity for us to create a parenting community and share development milestones. During the toddler years, your child will make huge strides physically, intellectually, and emotionally, whether it's learning to use the potty or stacking blocks.

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Something to observe in this program is how your child plays adjacent to other children in the playgroup. This cooperative social interaction is called parallel play and helps children begin language development, build confidence, and form relationships. Your child will increasingly learn to share and become aware of other’s emotions, as well as learn cause and effect through trial and error of adjusting and solving problems in play.

Not only are our classes a wonderful bonding opportunity for you and your child, they are an excellent way to meet new friends, introduce your child to other children, and find others that will support you through the exciting adventure of parenthood.

Our Time Together Frequently Asked Questions

What is the structure of the class? Each day the classroom will be set up with developmentally age appropriate toys and activities that parents can do with their child. The teacher will be there to assist parents and children in participation.

How many teachers are there for the class? We have one director for each program. The director is hand selected for their experience working with young children. All staff are fingerprinted.

Do I need to stay with my child during class? Yes. This class is formatted as a parent/child class with the goal of giving parents an opportunity to bond, meet other parents that have children the same age as theirs and provide parent support.

Program Instructor: Michelle Gustafson
Program Location: Dorothy Johnson Center at 775 East 16th St. in the Walnut Room