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Creek Crawl

A serene, small waterfall flowing between rocks, surrounded by lush greenery.

Creek Crawl

What runs but never walks? Water! Join us at the Nature Center as we explore Big Chico Creek and learn how we are part of the local Chico watershed. Participants will have the opportunity to observe, discuss and personally reflect on the diverse ecological connections to local creeks and river ecosystems within our watershed. Every drop of water in our creeks has a start. Let’s explore where it starts, where it ends up, and why it's so important to protect.

**There is a $5 supply fee payable to the instructor. Classes range from an hour to an hour and a half, with flexible end times. For the full experience, and the safety of wildlife, we ask you to leave all pets and strollers at home.

Adult registration is mandatory and must accompany the child(ren) they register. 

📍Chico Creek Nature Center
🤸‍♀️ 6+ Years Old 
⏰ 9–10:30 AM
💰 $10 per Adult, $5 per Child

Course #12867
Sat | 7/27 | 9:00 AM Adult Registration

Course #12812
Sat | 7/27 | 9:00 AM Child Registration