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Mastering Life's Lessons: A Conversation with CARD's Kung Fu Instructor Master Vince Scocozza

January 11, 2024

Master Vince Scocozza
Master Vince Scocozza

In the heart of Chico, a local martial arts class at Chico Area Recreation & Park District (CARD) holds a rich legacy of discipline, camaraderie, and personal growth. Meet Master Vince Scocozza, a seasoned Kung Fu instructor with a passion for shaping not just martial artists but individuals equipped with life's essential lessons. We interviewed Master Vince, and he graciously shared insights into his remarkable 23-year tenure at CARD, where Kung Fu becomes a platform for self-discovery.

Master Vince discovered the art of Kung Fu in 1971 and was immediately captivated by the unique dynamics of the fighting art form, where he embarked on a path that would span over five decades and make an incredible impact on thousands of Chico youth and adults.

A karate class with children in white uniforms and an instructor guiding them.
Master Vince teaches 6–9 year olds at his CARD Kung Fu San Soo class

 “Teaching found me,” said Master Vince. “I found that Kung Fu was about bringing out the human spirit and finding your best. If you’re small, you use those skills of being smaller. If you’re big, you use those skills. I was inspired by the idea that regardless of one’s physical attributes, everyone can practice Kung Fu effectively.”

What captivated Vince about Kung Fu extended beyond physical prowess; it was the philosophy of embracing individual uniqueness. Regardless of size or strength, everyone found a place in Kung Fu. The art, for Master Vince, became a medium to nurture the human spirit, fostering camaraderie in children and adults alike.

“Self-confidence is comparable to a million-dollar education,” said Master Vince. “When you equip your children or even adults with self-confidence, you open doors for them to be successful in any field. It sets them on the path to believing in themselves, making good decisions, and ultimately finding their niche in life. Kung Fu might be the platform we use, but the goals are much broader.”

Observing disciplined children of supportive parents over the years, Master Vince recognizes the importance of effective communication with young minds. The emphasis on instilling patience and discipline plays a pivotal role in shaping well-balanced, contented individuals.

Children in a martial arts class practicing with foam swords, instructor watching.
Kung Fu students practicing kicking exercises

Master Vince advocates starting Kung Fu early, having initiated classes for kids starting at five years old and up. Recognizing the values embedded in the art, he believes that the principles of self-confidence, responsibility, and good decision-making can be instilled from a young age, setting the stage for a balanced and secure future.

Master Vince cherishes the generational aspect of his teachings. Having witnessed the growth of students who later became parents, he stands as an enduring figure in their lives.

“I’ve worked with 10-year-olds that became parents, and I work with their children now,” said Master Vince. “I’ve been at CARD a long time, and it fosters a really special connection.”

Children in karate class, one kicking high, instructor watching.
Kung Fu students practice kicking exercises while Master Vince observes

For those considering a martial arts journey for themselves or their children, Master Vince offers month-to-month lessons at the CARD Community Center at 545 Vallombrosa Ave in Chico on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Enroll now and help your child unlock their potential and walk the path of self-improvement at For more CARD updates, visit and follow CARD on Facebook and @ChicoRec on Instagram.



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