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Hogwarts Art and Crafts Camp

A group of children dressed in costumes resembling wizards with wands and glasses, mimicking a popular wizarding theme.

Calling all aspiring wizards and witches aged 5 to 10! Get ready for a magical world of Harry Potter at our week-long arts and crafts summer camp. Our Hogwarts-themed camp is designed to ignite imaginations, foster creativity, and bring the wizarding world through a variety of spellbinding arts and craft activities. Upon arrival, each young wizard will experience the excitement of the Sorting Hat Ceremony to determine their Hogwarts house. At Hogwarts Arts and Crafts Camp, the magic of creativity knows no bounds. Join us for a week of wizarding wonders, where imaginations soar, and artistic spells come to life in the most enchanting way possible! (All supplies included)

📍Chico Creek Dance Center, 1144 W. 1st St. 
🤸‍♀️ 5-11 Years Old 
⏰2:00 -5:00 PM
💰 $185

Hogwarts Art and Crafts Camp

Course #13414
Mon - Fri | 6/10 - 6/14 | 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Register Online